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    • 1/31/2019
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    • 20181129-44794-2147384074
    Incident Description: I had ordered some stage 1 baby food online; when the package arrived, I noticed one set of food (two containers) were cracked, and mold had grown around the exposed food.
    Product: Plastic Containers (Rigid or Semi-rigid) (1123)
    Product Description: plastic rectangular package
    Injury Info: Incident, No Injury
    Manufacturer / Importer / Private Labeler: Nestle
    Business Comments:
    (4/3/2019) Damage may occur during shipping, storage or from any handling the container receives throughout the supply chain and even onto the super market. We work closely with retailers to ensure that containers of our food are not damaged. Any damage can compromise ... (More)
    (6/13/2019) Nestlé is committed to providing safe, high quality products, and we take all product safety concerns very seriously. We have reviewed the consumer’s concerns and confirmed the product satisfies all applicable safety standards.
    • REPORT
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    • 2/12/2016
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    • 20160118-77717-2147424583
    Incident Description: The Gerber Cereal, New TWIST CAP off, Remove Seal Plastic, can Chip off into Little Pieces and Fall into the Dry Cereal Without Awareness. I have Purchased Two Containers at Different Times and from Two Different Stores (Meijer and Walmart) the Plastic TWIST ... (More)
    Product: Containers, Not Specified (1141)
    Product Description: Gerber Cereal, TWIST CAP off remove seal, and TWIST CAP back on. Less Mess Package for You! Pour or Spoon out cereal.
    Injury Info: Unspecified
    Manufacturer / Importer / Private Labeler: GERBER PRODUCTS COMPANY
    Business Comments:
    (3/4/2016) Gerber Products Company takes the safety and well-being of our consumers very seriously and thoroughly investigates consumer complaints about our products. We will be contacting the consumer shortly so that we may gather more information about this issue. If ... (More)
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