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    • 4/19/2012
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    • 20120328-59D98-2147468869
    Incident Description: I had brought a child craft baby bed not knowing it was a drop down side. I went to put the side back up and it just fell down, it won't stay up. I looked online and saw a recall for it. I would love this bed fixed or have a new replacement. I am a first time ... (More)
    Business Comments:
    (4/17/2012) We are in receipt of Report No. 20120328-59D98-2147468869 with regards to the Child Craft crib model F17731.48. Foundations Worldwide Inc. is the current owner of the Child Craft name but was not involved in the manufacture or design of the crib itself. Child ... (More)
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    • 1/4/2012
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    • 20111210-56B0A-2147472495
    Incident Description: I have a Legacy drop side crib F018711. I noticed that the right bottom of the drop side was cracked and would not attached to the side of the crib properly and could be easily pulled away from the mattress causing a possible injury, I immediately stopped ... (More)
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    • 4/1/2011
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    • 20110311-CFE0F-2147481661
    Incident Description: On December 12th 1997, I found my son, Tyler Jonathan, with his neck caught between the side rail and headboard of his ChildCraft drop side crib. Sometime after his one am bottle, a single screw became loose creating a gap wide enough to entrap his neck. When ... (More)
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