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    • REPORT
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    • 6/14/2011
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    • 20110520-E02A7-2147478974
    Incident Description: Compact Flourecent Light Bulb Burn Out, Melt, Smoke Feit Electric: 75W Equivalent CFLs, Item No: ESL18TM/18 purchased at Costco, Hillsboro, OR USA 2 of these bulbs have created hazard when they failed. 1) Plastic base housing turned brown from heat and ... (More)
    • REPORT
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    • 4/6/2011
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    • 20110314-7C1C3-2147481448
    Incident Description: Product: Feit Electric screw on florescent bulb. ESL18TM 18W 120VAC 60Hz 300mA UL#E170906. This bulb started smoking heavily while on and releasing what seemed to be toxic smoke. The bulb base was hot and the plastic was bubbling and charred where the ... (More)
    Business Comments:
    (3/23/2011) We are in receipt of the referenced complaint dated March 14, 2011. Feit Electric Company last produced the packaging/model number referenced in this complaint in 2007. Based upon the description of how this light bulb failed it was at “end of life”. At end ... (More)
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