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    • REPORT
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    • 5/19/2016
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    • 20160427-E5AF2-2147419908
    Incident Description: Sitting in my living room and heard a loud popping noise and flash of light. Looked in the direction and observed a light bulb purchased from Walmart, br30 floodlight had exploded in the socket of one of our kitchen lights. Glass from the bulb shattered on ... (More)
    Product: Light Bulbs (627)
    Product Description: Great Value BR30
    Injury Info: Injury, First Aid Received by Non-Medical Professional
    Manufacturer / Importer / Private Labeler: Walmart Stores Inc.
    Business Comments:
    (5/9/2016) The UPC for this Item is 605388070968. Please contact the Walmart Customer Service Hotline at 1.800.925.6278 so that they can better serve you.
    • REPORT
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    • 5/7/2014
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    • 20140415-64FBF-2147445409
    Incident Description: I installed two LED light bulbs which are meant to replace a fluorescent tube (T8-sized). After powering on the light fixture and observing that the bulbs were functioning correctly, I touched the heatsink of one of the bulbs and was shocked (tingling in ... (More)
    Product: Light Bulbs (627)
    Product Description: LED light, tube shaped very similar to a T8 fluorescent bulb, intended to be used in a fluorescent fixture with the ballast removed, so the light is powered ... (More)
    Injury Info: Incident, No Injury
    Manufacturer / Importer / Private Labeler: Manncorp Inc.
    Business Comments:
    (5/5/2014) The problem was identified and caused by a pinched wire which was touching the aluminum heat sink. This has been resolved by using a different angle to connect the wire which makes it impossible for the wire to get pinched. Only this one case is known but all ... (More)
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