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    • 3/20/2019
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    • 20190225-E1B2C-2147382508
    Incident Description: This concerns an infant 'sleep sack' made by Baby Dee Dee. Our 8 month child was able to chew off the plastic 'tape' securing the top of the zipper to the cloth. He subsequently gagged on this, throwing up several time. This seems like an obvious product flaw ... (More)
    Product: Nonelectric Blankets (4008)
    Product Description: Brand: Baby Dee Dee Product: Sleep Nest (Medium) Description: "sleep sack" with center zipper, over-should button fasteners. Link to ... (More)
    Injury Info: Injury, Level of care not known
    Manufacturer / Importer / Private Labeler: Baby DeeDee LLC
    Business Comments:
    (3/19/2019) At baby deedee, safety is our top priority. All our products meet or exceed all CPSC requirements, including those requirements for small parts. We have had no similar complaints, but appreciate being informed of consumer issues, as it gives us the ... (More)
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    • 5/23/2012
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    • 20120425-4D03B-2147468142
    Incident Description: My husband had our 5.5 month old son in his Bumbo. He was seated on a level counter away from the edge. My husband looked away briefly to start bath water and my son and the Bumbo crashed off the three foot counter. My son had to go to the emergency for a ... (More)
    Product: Chairs, Other or Not Specified (4074)
    Product Description: Bumbo baby seat, no tray
    Injury Info: Injury, Emergency Department Treatment Received
    Manufacturer / Importer / Private Labeler: Learning Curve Brands, Inc.
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    • 3/2/2012
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    • 20120126-5DB48-2147470927
    Incident Description: Product: Sesame Street Table Topper Description: Thin film that "sticks in place; perfect for restaurants" Distributed by: HAMCO Incorporated, PO Box 1028, Gonzales, LA 70707, A Crown Crafts Comapnay Made in China The film and the ... (More)
    Product: Table Linens (651)
    Product Description: Thin film, decorated with Elmo, is to be placed on the table so that baby can eat off the table. It's held by adhesive but the adhesive is exposed by thin ... (More)
    Injury Info: Incident, No Injury
    Manufacturer / Importer / Private Labeler: Sassy Baby, Inc.
    Business Comments:
    (3/2/2012) Crown Crafts takes all complaints about it's product seriously. The product involved is not a toy and is disposable protective table ware. We have no complaints of injury involving this product and a high level of customer satisfaction with. We stand behind ... (More)
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