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ChildCraft drop side crib, oak
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Burlington Coat Factory
New York
9/1/1995 This date is an estimate
On December 12th 1997, I found my son, Tyler Jonathan, with his neck caught between the side rail and headboard of his ChildCraft drop side crib. Sometime after his one am bottle, a single screw became loose creating a gap wide enough to entrap his neck. When this happened, the side of his crib became a spring-loaded vice, strangling him to death instantly. Tyler was ten months old. Tyler’s crib was purchased new and used by his older sister for 18 months, then by Tyler for ten months. The screw that loosened the night Tyler died became loose twice before. The screw was tightened with a screwdriver on both occasions. ChildCraft is no longer in business and sold its name to Foundations, Inc. The CPSC is aware of Tyler’s death and has recently regulated crib standards in such a way that the drop side design will no longer meet CPSC regulations. But I felt compelled to post on this database because ChildCraft drop side cribs are still in homes and daycares. Cribs with drop-down sides are dangerous and the drop side feature is responsible for the death of my Tyler.
My Child
10 months

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