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Eden Pure Model 1000 heater
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Eden Pure
Model 1000
Bio Tech Research
I was using the Eden Pure Model 1000 in my living room. I smelled an odor of something getting hot. I touched the top of the heater and almost burned my hand as the heater was very hot to the touch. Then I noticed the plastic on the front of the heater had melted. I will no longer use this heater as it may cause a fire as the heater becomes very hot and has melted the plastic on the outside of it. I called Bio Tech Research to make them aware of this and ask if they would do anything about this and they advised that because it is now out of warranty, they can do nothing. I am very dissatisfied with this product and with the customer service of Bio Tech Research. Seems they are more interested in saving money than in saving lives.
Incident, No Injury
Called them and explained what happened. They said because the warrant is expired, they could do nothing.
Comment from EdenPure 4/21/2011
The EdenPure Model 1000 XL Heaters have a dust filter on the back of the heater that have to be cleaned on a regular basis depending on usage. If the heaters are being operated daily then our company recommends that the filters be cleaned daily. If the filter is clogged in any way this will cause the air flow into the heater to be diminished and front of the heater can melt. This information on filter maintenance is outlined in the Owner's Manual for the EdenPure Heater and if not properly maintenanced, the heater warranty will be voided.

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