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1/1/1998 This date is an estimate
Consumer stated that she discovered that her Select Sleep Comfort mattress had mold which had cause her family health problems. Approximately 1 year ago her spouse started coughing during the nights, he eventually sought medical attention and the physician advised that he could not diagnosed the problem he was having.

Consumer stated that she has had severe cases of asthma attacks, eyes watering and her eyelids becomes red and crack. She had unzipped the case of the mattress and noticed that the air chambers was covered in black mold.

Consumer stated that she and her spouse moved out of the room and her spouse went back to the doctor and his breathing and oxygen were normal.

Consumer contacted the manufacturer and was advised that mattresses purchased befor 2005 had the possibilty of having mold because of the chemicals in the air chamber, they since had change their procedures and resolved the problem. The manufacturer offered to replace the unit.

Consumer feels that that this mattress is a health problem and should have been recalled and taken off the market.
Injury→Injury, Seen by Medical Professional
My Spouse
65 years

Injury→Injury, No First Aid or Medical Attention Received
contact manufacturer and was advised that bed purchased before 2005 had the possibility of having mold.
Comment from Select Comfort Corporation 5/4/2011
Please see the attached comments from Select Comfort Corporation.

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