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Black shiny metal tubular bunk bed
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9/1/2010 This date is an estimate
Oct 26, 2010 my son sitting calmly on the top bunk leaned over, he was in upper right hand corner, he leaned over sitting crossed legged, and the bar gvave way and he fell broke his leg. He needed surgery immediately as the leg , femur, had broke all the way through.

Since then he had 2 surgeries and is wheelchair bound , now 5 months. He will be able to walk again and admittdly this is an unusual injury. the hospital suggested I report it to this website. I bought the bed from rent a center.

The bed was Welton-techwood MB 824 black, metal tubular bunk bed.
The side railing is what gave way and thus he fell. Since the th ebeds have been broken apart into 2 beds and that top bunk bed is very loud and squeaky since that happened.

Please call me with any questions or if you need me.

Injury→Injury, Hospital Admission
My Child
5 years
I think they need to know their product caused severe injury

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