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The parents of the victim placed their six month 18 pound son into the stroller. He was not seat belted in and was placed on top of a blanket on his stomach. The seat was placed in the recline position. They walked away for approximately 30-45 minutes.

They then noticed that the infant had some how slid down to the bottom of the stroller and was face down with his face trapped in between the seat. The back of his head was against the tray and his face was pushed into the loge of he seat. His legs did not touch the ground. The infant was not breathing and the amount of time he was in that position is unknown.

The Fire Department was contacted and they were the first to arrive on the scene. They began performing CPR on the infant and were able to get a faint pulse. He was then rushed via EMT to *** in where they continued to work on him. They were not able to save his life and pronounced him dead.

The Medical Examiner stated that the cause of death was due to Mechanical Asphyxiation. The Consumer in which filled the report later learned that the stroller in which was purchased a Yard sale/garage sale was affected by a recall See Release #11-015).
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Comment from Newell Rubbermaid Inc. 5/18/2011
Graco Children’s Products Inc. (“Graco”) relies on and appreciates any and all product feedback from our consumers. Graco is truly saddened to hear about this unfortunate infant fatality. Graco previously reported this fatality to the CPSC after discovering a pertinent local news article.

Based on the information provided, Graco believes that the stroller identified in this report was previously recalled voluntarily by Graco in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (“CPSC”). The recall was issued on October 20, 2010 under release # 11-015. Additional information on this recall can be found on the CPSC Website @ and on our website at

Furthermore, Graco notes that the details provided in this report indicate that the infant was not fastened in with the stroller harness and was left unattended for approximately 45 minutes contrary to specific warnings provided on the product itself and in the instruction manual. The report also suggests that the safety pop-up enclosure provided with this stroller was not being used at the time of the incident. The pop-up enclosure provides a barrier between the stroller seat and child’s tray, and prevents the infant from sliding underneath the tray when laying with the seat located in the fully reclined position. Specific instructions regarding the use of the pop-up enclosure are provided on the stroller as well as warnings that clearly inform of the potential hazards associated with not using the stroller harness. A specific warning to "Never Leave Child Unattended" is also provided directly on the stroller. (See Attached Photo of On-Product Warning Label)

This unfortunate accident could have been avoided by use of the safety harness and/or pop-up enclosure as directed. Graco urges caregivers to always follow directions and warnings printed on childcare products and in instruction manuals. In the case of all strollers, caregivers should always use the safety harness and never leave young children unattended.

This stroller was reportedly purchased at a yard sale and the buyer was unaware of the recall that had been announced by Graco and the CPSC. Graco would like to take this opportunity to warn consumers that, purchasing child care products at yard sales and by other types of consumer to consumer transactions, may pose serious risks. Specifically, with these types of transactions, instruction manuals containing critical information and warnings are usually not available and the buyer may not be made aware of significant issues and/or recalls. If you have purchased or received a Graco product that is not in its original unopened package, and you do not have the specific product instruction manual, please contact Graco directly at our toll-free number 1-800-345-4109, or visit our website at
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Quattro On-Product Warning Label.JPG On-Product Warning Label for Quattro Stroller

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