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Dorel Bunk Beds from Wal-Mart
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3/5/2011 This date is an estimate
We had just put this bunk bed together a week or so before my 10-year-old daughter fell through the top bunk. Luckily, my 5-year-old son was on the other end of the bottom bed because a slat of wood broke in half with very sharp edges, ripping from the side. No one was hurt, but it is not very comforting to know that the bed could break that easily. My daughter weighs about 80 pounds, so she was well under the weight limit and this should not have happened.

At least in our case, I believe the accident happened because the boards do not fit flush with the full width of the bed so the screws were too close to the edge instead of further back into the meat of the wood. I also do not see how the spacing of these boards is safe, but the company assured me it is up to standards and would not send any extra slats to fill in the big gaps.
Incident, No Injury
My Child
10 years
I contacted them about the issue itself, and also that several holes on the sides for screws and the nuts were misdrilled and had to be realigned. In the process of trying to fit the screws in a few of the misplaced holes, we needed replacement screws
Comment from Dorel Asia 6/10/2011
Thank you for contacting us directly. We take these matters very seriously. The bunk bed has been designed and tested to meet all goverment and industry regulations. The manufacturer does not recommend any modifications to the bunk bed. We were pleased to be able offer assistance and replacement parts to the bunk bed.

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