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Generation 2 worldwide CHILDesigns Crib, Cherry Wood Finish Crib with Drawer underneath. "Sleigh Crib" LOGO "CHILDesign ingraved in Gold lettering on the teething bar of one of the sides.
model number started 64-3.. Full size crib. Purchased at WALMART
Nursery Equipment & Supplies
Nonportable Cribs (1543)
rubbed off with wear starts with 64-3...
rubbed off
rubbed off 
1/1/2003 This date is an estimate
My 2 year old son (whos bedroom is upstairs from us) started screaming after his nap (which is very unusual behavior) I ran into his nursery as he was trying to crawl over the side of the crib the side callapsed down pinin his leg and rear end between the matteress and the crib side, I tryed forcing it back up. But as it was completely uneven between left and ride triggers it wouldnt give in at all. My husband came runing and with full force Hit the side-bar of the crib upward untill the trigger plastic peace crashed appart and we removed the child. This was a very scarry incident aspecially for our 2 year old son [REDACTED]. He cried nonstop, pointing to crib saying Ouch..and hurts and no sleeping mommy.
My husband realized he just flat out broke the plastic part when he yanked it upward and off [REDACTED]. . The crib side was then lowered to its non-functionable position. ANd without hessitation we went to reordered the destroyed peace of assembly part. Pulling the waranty paperwork and sitting on the phone frustrated for phone numbers being DISCONECTED, we quickly logged on to the website provided. AND STUMBLED UPON CPSC's Warning of Recalls. This was especially chilling to us, we raised our now 5 year old daughter and now our 2 year old son in this crib and THANK GOD we had no Deaths! Or serious Injuries! Just a scarred little guy who has a fear of his crib now. Our heart goes out to the parents who lost their babies in their crib. Out of all places, that would be a safe haven for a child.
Now i am dealing with my Local Walmart giving me a hard time because our MODEL numbers were Rubbed off and faded with cleaning the milk-bottle-messes. Luckly i could make out the first 3 digits which fall in the category. Sadly this is taking longer and alot more frustrating with our local store. I am advised that a Complience Officer is working with our case with the local retailer.
Incident, No Injury
My Child
2 years 4 months

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