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Stanley Young America Contentment Crib. Model 394-94-215
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Stanley Furniture Company, Inc.    
Stanley Young America
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New York
I own a Stanley Young America Contentment Sleigh crib with a dropside. Purchased in October 2008.

We have several issues with this crib, and the manufacturer has refused to address them. While we have been fortunate to not have any accidents or injuries related to the crib, I do feel these are safety issues that could cause a problem in the future.

First, the dropside gets stuck and jammed if lowered, for about a year now, so approximately 1 year after first use. We do not use the dropside on a regular basis, so this has not been a major problem, but the only way to get it unjammed is to force it out of the track, which is clearly not safe.

We recently contacted the manfacturer to recieve the dropside stabilization kit. We initially did this through the store we purchased the crib from. I heard the store manager talk to young america on the phone but we never received the kit. we contacted young america directly yesterday and they said they will only send them out through the retailers, not to the consumer directly. Since we already tried through the retailer, I feel as though they are just avoiding sending it.

The third issue is not a safety issue as of yet, but it could become one in the future. The screws to raise and lower the mattress height have become stripped so at this point we can no longer use them to secure the mattress frame. We requested new hardware from them from Young America, but they refuse to provide it, stating it is our own fault that the screws stripped, even though we have only lowered the crib mattress twice ever in the life of the crib. This will force us to use hardware that is not intended for the crib, which does not seem right to me.
Incident, No Injury
Comment from Stanley Furniture Company, Inc. 6/8/2011
YoungAmerica cribs meet or exceed all applicable CPSC, JPMA and ASTM standards. Our cribs are tested and certified by independent third-party testing labs. We have moved one step further by creating our own branded set of standards that surpass even the most stringent mandatory or voluntary product safety guidelines. We are committed to meeting our customers' highest standards for safety and quality. In this instance, the consumer has received a free kit to immobilize the drop side and is fully satisfied with our response.

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