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Dream On Me Inc 2 in 1 portable folding crib model 621 manufactured date April 2009, natural color
Nursery Equipment & Supplies
Portable Cribs (1529)
Dream On Me Inc
April 2009
Broken slats. No injuries known

This in regards to the Dream on Me portable crib recall Release #11-224
Rockford MELD has a shelter and transitional living apartments for homeless teen moms. We purchased 12 of these cribs in May 2010. Our cribs are the Dream On Me 621 model but dated April 2009 and July 2009. So far one of our cribs have broken slats. I don't know if there were any injuries as the client in the transitional apartment did not inform me of the incident. I found the broken crib after the client moved out. Since we are replacing all our drop side cribs I did not think about reporting it at the time I found it, but since you are recalling them you may want to reconsider the manufactured and purchase dates. These are not a good crib and i'm regretting every purchasing them. i am surprised they were JPMA certified

* Portable Cribs: The cribs are smaller than full-size cribs and the ends fold in to facilitate portability. Model numbers 621, 625 and 627 are included in this recall. The model number and "Dream on Me Inc." are printed on a label located on the mattress board. The label lists a manufacture date between August 2007 and February 2009.
sold from September 2007 to December 2009
Incident, No Injury
the product is in storage
Comment from DREAM ON ME 6/30/2011
the crib was abandoned in a house, how do you know what went on with the rail splitting, you do not know what went on and right away comment and speculate.

Dream On Me.
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crib 621 005.jpg dream on me crib model 621broken slats
crib 621 001.jpg dream on me crib model 621broken slats
crib 621 002.jpg dream on me crib model 621broken slats
crib 621 004.jpg dream on me crib model 621 label

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