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Consumer stated that on June 1, 2011 her microwave oven caught on by itself. The consumer stated that she was in her bedroom until she smelled a burning odor with a "sickly sweet smell" and came to find the microwave was on by itself. The consumer stated that her microwave was very hot to the touch to the point where she could not touch it at all. The consumer had her cake in the microwave at the time and the microwave had the light on as well as the fan blowing. The product is an over the range microwave. The product has a plastic door with a glass inset.

consumer turned off the main switch to power off the product as well as everything in her house including clocks, lights and lamps. The consumer called her neighbor, from Southern State Electric to make sure she didn't have a wall fire and the fix the microwave if possible. The consumer and attempted to turn on the breaker and the product. However, the microwave would not turn on; concluded that the product was burned out and will not power on. Luckily, the product did not catch fire.

The microwave is charred on the inside but no physical damage on the outside that the consumer can see. There is no visible damage to the structure of her home. The consumer was initially going to call the fire department but decided not to. The consumer noticed other reports on the internet of this product catching fire. The consumer has not noticed any formal recall of this product. The consumer stated that the product is less than 3 years old and is upset because she could have had her house burn down or worse since it was only her and her dog in the home at the time of the incident.

The consumer called GE to inform them about the incident and the number of similar incidents with this model as can be found on the internet- and- to ask hwy there had been no recall of this product. Consumer had owned this microwave since Au 6 2007.
Incident, No Injury

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