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Sylvania Flourescent 13 watt spiral bulb
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Consumer had a smoking spiral fluorescent bulb in his dining room light fixture covered by glass a cover. The bulb was flickering and then the consumer turned off the light switch to power the bulb off. When the consumer turned the light switch back on, it started to smoke. The smoke and the smell of it persisted and the consumer turned off the switch and removed the bulb. There were 2 other fluorescent bulbs in the fixture at the time.

The consumer stated that there was black smoke but no external flame and no damage to his fixture. The consumer feels if he wasn't there to observe the bulb there could have been a house fire. The consumer has yet to call the retailer or the manufacturer and opted not to call the fire department at the time because he felt no need to call them but did say the light bulb is blackened.
Incident, No Injury
41 years
Comment from OSRAM SYLVANIA, Inc. 7/5/2011
Screw-based compact fluorescent lamps have become a popular alternative to incandescent lamps due to increased efficiency and reduced operating costs. The industry realizes that some customers are concerned regarding the manner in how a small number of compact fluorescent lamps fail. Some customers believe that such failures may present a safety concern at the end of the lamp’s life. Even though most compact fluorescent lamps fail in a benign manner, during some failures it is possible that smoking odor, and/or charring of the base plastic housing could occur.

SYLVANIA screw-based compact fluorescent lamps utilize a UL rated plastic housing that is flame resistant and also serves to contain any internally failed components, thereby preventing them from causing an unsafe situation. Although such experiences represent a foreseeable normal failure mode of these lamps, some customers may become alarmed, dissatisfied, or otherwise consider such situation as unacceptable and feel that they must report such failures to safety agencies.

It is important to understand that although the aforementioned failures may occur; these lamps have been tested for safety. More information on this topic is available from web sites such as the North American Electrical Association (NEMA), and Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Should you experience problems with SYLVANIA Screw-based compact fluorescent lamps, you should call our toll-free customer service line for report and to obtain a free replacement at 1-800-LIGHTBULB (1-800-544-4828).

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