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Krups electric coffee maker
Electric Coffee Makers or Teapots (217)
Groupe SEB USA    
KT 4065
ICMMF: 8000032871
Bed, Bath and Beyond
This letter and report are to urge you to issue a safety recall for Krups electric coffee maker, model KT 4065 which I believe is a newly designed product. You can see from the receipt, I purchased this coffee-maker five months ago; I began using it approximately four months ago, Early in use, the coffeemaker spilled hot fluid all over our kitchen counter on two occaSions, but I dismissed it Recently, it has it done this on a fairly regular basis, Enclosed is the actual coffee maker so you may test and verify the safety design defect in this product. Also enclosed is my receipt and the product booklet with warranty. Although this item is still under warranty, the terms indicate that Krups would repair or replace the item. Since this item is a huge safety hazard, I am not interested in another one of these.

Defective design, This coffee maker overflows the carafe spilling scalding hot fluid onto the counter or table. For families with small children who reach onto the counter, this is particularly dangerous. From my inspection, it appears that either the plastic lid to the carafe or the cone filter chamber is the culprit. The lid has a small trap door and very small entry holes for the water. I am a foodie and purchase high end appliances, cutlery, kitchen devices and am well versed in how to use them. The cause of the chronic overflow problem is definitely not:

(1 ) Lack of cleanliness. There was no excessive debris or calcification because we clean our coffee makers with white vinegar every 2 months. When this second spillover happened, I performed an extra deep vinegar soak and clean of all parts to make sure this would not happen again. It functioned fine for two mornings, then three days later the overflow occurred again.

(2) The grind or type of coffee. We grind our coffee by hand where it is not too course, not too fine as we have for the past 4 years. We primarily use [REDACTED] Decaf or Breakfast blend. This was the coffee in use during the overflow incidents.

(3) The type of filter. We use the same filters we have always used. Two previous coffeemakers over the years have used the same cone type which we get at the grocery store nearby. I enclosed a few of those so that you can see for yourself
should you decide to test this.

(4) The centering of the carafe. I have made 100% certain the carafe is centered directly under the cone (in fa~ there is a crevice that guides the carafe to keep it centered) and that the lid is correctly tightened on top with the thumb tab aligned

(5) The water level. I have made 100% certain that I only fill the coffee maker up to the 10 cup level.
Incident, No Injury
52 years
Comment from Groupe SEB USA 7/28/2011
Krups has received a few complaints, regarding an earlier version of this product carafe, that in the brewing process small amounts of coffee did not go into the carafe but instead went down the outside of the carafe onto the counter. We have no reason to believe that this presents any risk of injury to adults or children, given the amounts and the temperature that would be involved.
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