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Smooth top electric range with oven
Electric Ranges or Ovens (Excl Counter-top Ovens) (278)
Sears Holdings Management Corporation    
The oven was powered in the on position on bake at 250 degrees for two hours while the consumer and his family left the home. After returning he noticed that the home was filled with smoke and an electrical burning odor in the home. While opening the oven door he noticed that the food that was placed inside of the oven was not burned but the heating element at the bottom of the oven was glowing bright red.

There was an error code E@ or F2 on the control panel. Unable to power the range in the off position by using the proper switch the circuit breaker had to be powered in the off position. He went to the retailer and spoke with the store manager (name unknown) and he was the provided with the retailers service number.

He contacted the service number and the representative that he spoke with recommended that he have a service technician come out to the home to take a look at it. He declined in having any repairs made to the unit in fear that the hazard would repeat itself and potential y pose as a fire hazard. He contacted the firm on 6/20/2011 and was advised that the there was no recall involving the model number and serial number of his unit.

The range was still in the off posiiton due to the circuit breaker being powered off. On 6/21/2011 he powered the circuit breaker back into the on position and the oven powered back into the on position without being switched in the on position. He powered the circuit breaker back in the on off position. On 6/22/2011 he powered the circuit breaker back into the on position and the range powered on at the highest setting. He quickly powered the circuit breaker back into the off position in which it still currently remains.
Incident, No Injury
Comment from Sears Holdings Management Corporation 7/18/2011
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