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Frigidaire electric wall oven. Black. Model number FEB24S2ABE.
Electric Ranges or Ovens (Excl Counter-top Ovens) (278)
11/5/2010 This date is an estimate
Terrible chemical smell coming from new Frigidaire electric wall oven (model number FEB24S2ABE) after it heats up. More noticeable on HI BROIL setting or on BAKE at high temperatures. I have now had this issue on two different units (see below).

The chemical smell is very difficult to describe in comparison to other known odors. It is NOT a burning plastic smell. It is NOT the smell of the manufacturing oils that burn off in the first few minutes of operating a new oven.

The odor burns the lungs and eyes. It requires airing out the entire house. I am very concerned that the chemicals may be dangerous.

Frigidiare honored the warranty and replaced the original unit manufactured in November 2010 with another unit manufactured in December 2010, presumably at the same plant. The new oven has the same odor issue as the first model, suggesting this issue is probably impacting other consumers.

The two appliance repair technicians servicing the unit indicated that they have never encountered a similar odor in all of their years working on ovens. They needed to leave the house after the odor made them feel ill.

During the ordeal with the two ovens, Frigidaire customer service required that I try a number of things including:
- Cleaning the entire inside of the oven with diswashing soap (twice).
- Operating the oven at high temperatures (multiple times totalling more than 10 hours). The odor does not have a self cleaning feature, so it was run on HI broil or at 450 - 500 degrees.
- Leaving ammonia in a bowl overnight to "soak up" any odors.
- Having a technician dismantle the unit to look for mice droppings, insects or burnt wires (none found).

Despite all of the obvious signs that there is something wrong with the manufacturing of these units, and that the smell isn't going to just "go away", the appliance repairmen were asked by Frigidaire's technician hotline to AGAIN run the oven at high temperatures for 3 more hours, releasing more of this unknown chemical into my home.

Needless to say, it didn't work. Frigidiare has not admitted to any known issues from consumers with new ovens. It's hard to believe that this is true given that I've now been given two defective ovens.

I would like some answers as to what chemical is responsible for the odor, and whether it is a health hazard to humans and/or pets.
Incident, No Injury

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