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Lift Chair W/PW RECl/HE
llH 550 B2896714
Stock #550 Lift - 002-0lD
Furniture, Furnishings & Decorations
Recliner Chair (670)
La-Z-Boy Incorporated    
1LH 550
My mother purchased a La-Z -Boy Lift Chair ( w/pw Reel/HE) and was unable to use it because of the hazardous design flaw at the base of the chair. (photos enclosed ) The upholstered portion ofthis La-Z-Boy lift chair is suspended 4" above the floor exposing the metal frame at the base of the chair. The metal frame flares out beyond the upholstered portion of the chair and at each end point of the support frame there are bolts sticking up 1 inch from the frame. I became aware of this frame problem when I hit my foot on one of the exposed bolts when I approached the chair to move it.
I am concerned not only about my mother getting injured using this lift chair, since she is 97 years old and a diabetic, but also about her health care giver when she approaches the chair to assist her.
Injury→Injury, Level of care not known
Comment from La-Z-Boy Incorporated 7/13/2011
We regret that the consumer was dissatisfied with her purchase of a La-Z-Boy product, but we are pleased to report that the product is not unsafe or defective. The metal base on the consumer’s lift chair has tabs that provide stability. The tabs hold round glides that protect the floor on which the product is placed, and the chair can be leveled by turning the bolts to which the glides are attached. The bolts are exposed so that users can access them easily. The tabs do not extend beyond the width of the chair, and a user could come into contact with the bolts unintentionally only if standing beside and pressing against the chair. (This consumer writes that she was attempting to move the chair when her foot hit a bolt.) If the chair is placed on carpet on a level surface and the consumer is not concerned about scratching the surface, the glides and bolts can easily be removed by completely unscrewing the bolts. La-Z-Boy no longer uses this base on its products, but as far as we know, this is the first complaint we have ever received about the bolts.

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