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Glass vessel sink. Bowl shaped glass sink.
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The glass vessel exploded in my bathroom, sending glass shrapnel everywhere.

I opened the medicine cabinet when a small bottle about 3 inches tall fell out and landed in the glass vessel sink. As soon as it hit the glass bowl, the sink exploded. The force of the bowl shattering knocked everything right off the vanity counter. I was standing in front of the sink and I had tiny glass slivers embedded in my skin. The slivers were hard to see - I only knew where they were based on the blood droplets that formed around each spot. I was shaking glass out of my hair after the incident.

I've read that these vessel sinks are made with tempered glass and are prone to shatter like this. Had I been a child, I would most certainly have glass pieces in my eye and face.

I wouldn't write to you if the glass sink cracked or dented. Or if it simply broke in half. The way it exploded scared me to death and the sheer force of it knocking bottles off the counter is frightening. This kind of glass should not be in people's bathrooms.

I recorded video of the subsequent damage and what happened:
Injury→Injury, No First Aid or Medical Attention Received
32 years
I emailed the manufacturer with pictures and they offered to replace the vessel. I said I don't want a glass vessel. They are shipping a chrome replacement.

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