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13watt compact fluorescent light bulb (Bright Effects model # LBP13T2C2) UL# E170906
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"Bright Effects"
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9/6/2010 This date is an estimate
One morning while getting ready for work, I was showering. I smelled a burning odor and upon opening the shower door I realized the bathroom had filled with a foul smelling smoke. It was coming from an overhead pendant light above my bathroom vanity. The fixture was equipped with a 13watt compact fluorescent light bulb from a company called Bright Effects. (Part # LBP13T2C2) I immediately turned off the power switch and opened windows and doors to allow the smoke to escape. After removing the bulb from the fixture, I noticed burn marks and evidence of overheating to the point of melting the plastic base.
If I had not been in the immediate vicinity of this malfunction when it happened, I dare to imagine what might have happened.
Incident, No Injury
41 years
I saved the bulb in a sealed ziploc bag
File NameDescription
photo-3.JPG faulty light bulb
photo-4.JPG faulty light bulb
photo-5.JPG faulty light bulb
photo-6.JPG faulty light bulb

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