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3/15/2008 This date is an estimate
Consumer stated that out of the 4 years that she has had her high chair she has had 4 screws fall from the high chair at the bottom posing a potential fall hazard. The screws fell from the base and the adjustor, 2 from each position. The consumer's child has not been hurt by the product. The consumer called the firm this morning and two years ago about the product. The consumer cannot recall the recall what the firm offered two years ago but today they offered the consumer replacement parts at a price. The consumer has yet to call the retailer.
Incident, No Injury
Comment from Evenflo Company, Inc. 8/24/2011
The consumer first reported to Evenflo and then to the CPSC that several screws had fallen out of her child’s four-year old Evenflo Expressions high chair. When Evenflo discussed the matter with the consumer in July 2011 to troubleshoot the problem, she could not recall the method of assembly at the time of original purchase (sometime in late 2007 or early 2008), or whether a power tool was used to install the screws contrary to the product instructions. The consumer was upset that Evenflo would not replace her more than three and a half year-old model high chair years after its warranty period had ended and informed Evenflo she would be contacting the CPSC, which she did later that same day.

Since that time, Evenflo has arranged with the consumer to examine the high chair to permit further analysis of the complaint, but the high chair has not been received by the company as of the date of this comment. The Expressions model high chair, however, was tested by independent third-party laboratories throughout its production (which ceased in 2009) to confirm that it met the applicable ASTM high chair safety standard, as well as federal requirements for the release of small parts. Additional durability and abuse testing by Evenflo beyond that required by regulation or guidelines confirmed that the screws used to assemble the Expressions high chair do not release even under rigorous usage and foreseeable misuse.

Based on testing and examination of other returned Expressions units, the company has concluded that the limited number of reports of screws releasing from a handful of units among the greater than 1,000,000 Expressions high chairs sold, typically is attributable to either incomplete tightening or over tightening of the screws during assembly. When properly assembled and used in a reasonably foreseeable manner, however, the screws will not separate from the chair.

Evenflo appreciates the detailed information provided by this consumer, and encourages all consumers who have feedback about our products to contact our ParentLink consumer resource center at 1-800-233-5921.

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