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Baby Mod-Cadence 4-1 convertible crib
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April 2011
(today 7/20/2011)

My husband and I purchased a Crib from we found out that 2 of our cribs were on the recall list but that we for some reason couldn't get a voucher to purchase a new crib. so I did a lot of research on different cribs from different stores and because the "Baby Mod-Cadence" 4-1 Convertible crib in ebony had so many 5star reviews over 100+ we thought that it would be the safest crib for our 2yr. old. We ordered it and picked it up on 6/28/2011 the next day my husband put it together it was very nice looking and seemed to be very sturdy and safe...but when we put him in the crib he was standing along the long front part of the crib and just leaned forward a bit and it scared me so much that my heart felt like it went to my stomach! my husband said that he didn't think that he was tall enough to fall out and because he dosn't try to climb up or out of his crib he (my husband didn't think we needed to worry about this) well a few days later on July 8th I was putting my 2 little ones to bed and I put him in his crib and turned to put my daughter in her crib when all at once there was a big bang on the floor and he had flipped over and out of the crib onto the floor flat on his back and his head, needless to say we were quite shaken and VERY UPSET!!! we checked him over really good and had him stand up and walk, after we got him calmed down!! I checked on him durning the night to make sure he was ok while he was sleeping, I did not sleep at all that night, I was to upset!! We put him in his pack n play to sleep and a few days later we bought a different crib. Not from or the store itself. I called the next day to report this and the person I talked to said that he would let the higer up people know? and that we would have no problem returning the crib. I wrote a review about this on the site to warn parents that this crib is NOT safe for toddlers!!! and of course they DID NOT post my review...not that I'm surprized. I am reporting this to you because this crib needs to be checked out asap, also we found that the short side came loose for no reason and if we wouldn't have caught it the whole side would have come off from the top part!!! The model number for the crib is #W5501E, the Walmart # that is on the store website for it is #002628080. This crib is still being sold and when I went back to look at the reviews again they are from parents that just had a newborn or were going to have a baby and hadn't actually used the crib yet, I didn't see any from a parent that used it with an older child older then newborn. There are a lot of cribs that are being made this way with the higher back and lower front part that does kind of have a curve to them. These are DANEROUS CRIBS!!! like I said my 2 and 3 yr. olds do not try to climb up or out of their cribs. and our 2 yr. old is actually our foster baby and so we have to follow strict guidelines for the babies in their cribs so he doesn't even have bumper pads in there. My husband and I would grately appreciate it if you could please check into this so that NO other child is seriously hurt!! I would also like to say that there are A LOT OF PEOPLE SELLING DROP SIDE CRIBS ON CRAIGS LIST!! me and another person keep posting the new laws for the cribs from your site etc. so that people will be informed but people are still selling them and I am so upset at these people for doing this because they care more about making some money more then the life of a child!! the crib that I had for my 2yr. old was a very nice crib that I bought off of craigslist last yr. I had not ever heard of these recalls, I found out because the one day when I went to put the side down to remove him from the crib the side broke at the bottom right off of the crib and so I took the numbers of that crib and my daughters crib and looked them up on your site and they were both on there, I have to say we were very upset about that happing but glad that it happend when I was putting the side down and not when he was by it!! We thought we were purchasing a SAFE crib this time and instead it was just as DANEROUS IF NOT WORSE!!! Thank you for your time.
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Comment from MILLION DOLLAR BABY 8/1/2011
Thank you for posting your comment. At Million Dollar Baby, the health and safety of our customers is our number one concern. The interior crib dimensions are well within the ASTM and CPSC standard. As per ASTM standards, please stop using the crib when your child begins to climb or reaches the height of 35”. Please be advised to set the mattress to lowest position and remove bumper pads, large toys and other objects that could serve as steps for climbing out when your child is able to pull to a standing position. Please also check the product for damaged hardware, loose joints, loose bolts or other fasteners, missing parts or sharp edges before and after assembly and frequently during use. Please also securely tighten loose bolts and other fasteners. This is important information for your child’s safety and should also be included in your instruction manual.

It is strongly recommended for parents to check any children's products frequently before use to ensure the products are in safe condition. Bolts may become loose over time. Please kindly check and tighten the loosen bolts on a regular basis.

We take these matters very seriously and we encourage consumers to contact us directly so that we may get a better understanding of the concerns raised. We can be contacted by email at Thank You.

CPSC does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the contents of the Publicly Available Consumer Product Safety Information Database on, particularly with respect to information submitted by people outside of CPSC.