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Gas stove. 5-burner cooktop, double oven.
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On August 1, 2011, our 5-burner Jenn-Air stove (Model JDR8895AAS) started behaving strangely. The automatic ignition on all 5 burners was sparking continuously, even though all the knobs were in the OFF position. This would not stop regardless of what we did with the knobs (naturally, if we turned them to let gas through, the burners would light).

We pulled the stove away from the wall and disconnected the unit from the power source. This stopped the sparking. After 3 hours or so, we re-connected the stove, and this time large sparks, and smoke, started coming from under the knobs themselves (in addition to the sparks at the burners). For a second, it seemed like a small fire had begun under the surface where the knobs are. We immediately disconnected the stove again, and the sparks stopped, but smoke continued to come out.

I suspect a major short circuit, either with the control panel, or at some junction box somewhere. We have not lifted the surface yet, but we did notice that there are cables attached to the knobs that are exposed, and should liquid fall on the knobs (not an unusual scenario for a stove), it would very likely create a scenario for a short circuit, and possibly a fire. This is clearly a design flaw.

We also did some research on the internet, and found out we are not alone. The same thing has happened to others:

On a blog with complaints about Maytag appliances (, [REDACTED] wrote on 11/22/08:
“We bought our Gemini Oven in '04 (almost 4 yrs. to date). This morning our son called out, There is something wrong with the stove!
The ignition was off, but sparking as if we were trying to start the stove, but all knobs were in the off position. I could start the stove, but each time I returned the knobs to the off position, the ignition continued to act as if we had it in the light position. Worse...the ignition or something under the knobs began to spark and we saw flames coming from under the knobs! There was an electrical short of something. We unplugged the oven from the wall and turned off the gas. I am just glad we were home! A repair man is coming out on Monday as it is not covered according to Sears.”
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51 years
We plan to call the homebuyers warranty that came with the house at closing, to have the product repaired, but there are no recalls, and unless the design flaw is fixed, the problem will likely happen again.
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