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DaVinci Emily 4 in 1 Crib
Color: Espresso
Height: 42.0 "; Width: 34.5 "; Depth: 55.0 "
Purchased at Target summer of 2010
Nursery Equipment & Supplies
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Emily Convertable Crib
6/1/2010 This date is an estimate
We have an Emily Convertable Crib made by DaVinci, that was bought as a gift for us just a little over a year ago. In the 10 months that my son has been sleeping in this crib he has gotten his leg stuck between the slats twice. The first time he got his leg between the slats and got it all the way up over his knee and could not get it back out on his own. I heard him crying on the baby monitor, went to check on him and found him franticlly trying to free his leg. I immediatly tried to help him and even had a hard time myself trying to get his leg unstuck. Today he started crying again shortly after being put down for his nap and I went to find him once again with his leg stuck between the slats. I've also read that other people have had issue with the large gap between the top rail of the crib and the round rail just above it. They have said in other reviews I've read that their children have gotten their legs stuck in that gap trying to climb the crib (as most kids do). I worry about my son, who's a climber, trying this one day and breaking his leg or worse by getting stuck. I'm not sure why this crib hasn't been recalled yet! I'm not going to use mine anymore and will be putting little one in a pack and play. That's how concerning this is!!!
Injury→Injury, No First Aid or Medical Attention Received
My Child
1 years 1 months
I still have the product and plan to contact the manufacturer because I believe they have a duty to make the crib as safe a possible and it is not. The only way to contact them is through email however which does not invoke much confidence.
Comment from MILLION DOLLAR BABY 8/24/2011
Thank you for submitting this report. The spacing between slats on all our full size cribs are well within the ASTM and the federal 16 CFR 1219 safety standards. The spacing between the round upper bar and the front rail is also tested and passed all safety requirements. To ensure our crib design is safe, we have turned in your concern to our Product Development team. Thank you again for your report.

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