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toaster oven
Electric Counter-top Ovens, Broilers or Toaster Ovens (216)
Sears Holdings Management Corporation    
The consumer stated that she had used the toaster oven at 9:00 am earlier the morning on 8/15/2011 and she was down she had unplugged it from the wall outlet and powered it in the off position.

At or around 1:00 pm she heard a loud crash noise and when she went into the kitchen she noticed that the glass from the oven door had shattered and the glass was all over the counter top, floor and some inside of the oven.

She touched the oven to see if it was hot and it was not she also double check to make sure that the oven was powered in the off position and unplugged from the wall outlet and it was.

She found the handle to the oven door 12 inch away from the toaster oven on the counter top. She noticed that the pieces of glass varied in different sizes.

She contacted the firm but they only handled large appliances and since then she has not made any further attempts to contact the firm . She has packaged the toaster oven back into the same packaging it came in and plans to return it to the retailer on 8/24/2011.
Incident, No Injury
Comment from Sears Holdings Management Corporation 10/18/2011
Sears Holdings takes product safety issues very seriously. We investigate each CPSC database incident report. We encourage our customers to provide additional information about incidents to our Customer Care Network, by calling 800-549-4505.
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