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Pressurized tank unit for a toilet. Reduces water use.
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Flushmate Flushometer - Tank System
Flushmate III M-101526-F3
AFlushmate Flushometer - Tank System, which is a pressurized tank that resides within the toilet, exploded and severely cut my back. A simple internet search shows this has happened to dozens of people. Had it been my grandmother our one of my nieces and nephews who happened to use the toilet that day, the consequences could have been severe. I required dozens of stitches for an extremely deep wound because of the exploding porcelain.

Upon reviewing the website, there was a small advisory (not a recall) effecting limited quantities of the unit, but considering my flushmate separated in the same manner as the advisory notice mentioned, I feel the issue is larger than the company is letting on.

Because I am a bigger person, I was able to absorb the brunt of the force. Again, had this happened to someone elderly or a child, the outcome could have been catastrophic. There needs to be a larger awareness camaign as we had no idea of the danger involved in using the Flushmate product. I can send pictures of the dammage and my wound.
Injury→Injury, Emergency Department Treatment Received
26 years
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Comment from SLOAN FLUSHMATE 10/17/2011
Flushmate appreciates receiving notification of the reported incident, and we are actively investigating this incident. Owners of Flushmate products can visit our website located at to determine if their product is within the current product advisory and for further assistance. We encourage our customers to contact us on the website or toll free at 1-800-533-3460. Flushmate will work cooperatively with the CPSC and will contact the consumer.
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