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12/1/2006 This date is an estimate
I own a Stokke Sleepi crib with a recalled mattress. In 2009 I was sent a letter by Stokke stating that the mattress had been recalled. I followed up with the company and ordered the replacement mattress. When the replacement mattress arrived, I threw away the old ill fitting recalled mattress and began using the replacement mattress. The replacement mattress however was still 4 inches short of the length of the crib (crib length is 48 inches long and the mattress is 43 inches long). This was the REPLACEMENT mattress length, not the recalled mattress length. In 2009, I reported my concern to Stokke that the replacement mattress did not fit the crib properly and received no meaningful response other than a 1 inch gap on either side of the mattress was acceptable. My 2-3 month old daughter would roll to the edge of the bed and did get stuck in the gap between the mattress and the crib (no injury from this incident for my daughter). I stopped using the crib as a crib and changed to using it as a toddler bed for my oldest daughter (which solved the problem of the ill fitting crib mattress since the toddler bed used a different mattress that had no fit issues). This September 2011, I went to set up my Stokke crib again (in the crib size configuration) and the crib mattress length again became an issue for me. This time, I sent Stokke an email detailing the crib mattress to crib length discrepancy with photos. They sent me a new mattress which is a different material and is the appropriate length for the crib, so my problem is solved. I am concerned, however, for all of the other owners of Stokke Sleepi cribs who were sent too short replacement crib mattresses to replace recalled mattresses. It seems to me that another recall needs to be made for replacement crib mattresses that Stokke sent out in 2009. I have the replacement mattress at my home presently. Stokke sent a fed ex label so that I could send the old mattress back to their company.
Incident, No Injury
My Child
0 years 3 months
inital contact in 2009 unsuccessful, in 2011 Stokke sent new mattress that fits crib.
Comment from Stokke LLC 11/10/2011
Stokke, LLC takes product safety issues very seriously and thoroughly investigates any report made to the CPSC. We encourage customers who believe they have a Sleepi crib mattress that does not fit properly to contact Stokke at 877-978-6553 or
File NameDescription
IMG00239-20111013-2320.jpg Stokke Crib mattress gap (replacement mattress for 2007 recall)
IMG00241-20111013-2321.jpg Gap between mattress and crib (mattress is pushed against opposite end of crib) Gap is 4 inches aprox.

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