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Svan high chair natural in color. Model USC002.
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3/16/2007 This date is an estimate
My 3 year old was sitting in his Svan highchair Model USC002 and reached for something causing the highchair to tip. His head hit the corner of the table necessitating a trip to the pediatricians office, then the ER where he had a CT scan to determine if his skull was cracked. It also required a follow up hearing to test to determine if his hearing had been affected.
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My Child
3 years
Manufacturer offered to send me a wider base that was created in 2009. Although, product was never recalled according to SVan
Comment from SCANDINAVIAN CHILD LLC 12/9/2011
Although we are always sympathetic to customers who have the unfortunate experience of any form of accident, the Svan High Chair described in the incident conformed and complied with all mandatory standards as well as the rigorous voluntary high chair safety standards found in ASTM 404, which includes testing for product stability.

On the same date the customer filed her incident with, she contacted our Customer Service Department. In her discussion wither our representative, she indicated that her child was unsupervised in the Svan High Chair and was seated where he was able to reach and grab another piece of furniture, creating the accident scenario described in her statement.

In truth, the incident was the result of failing to supervise the child rather than a defect in the product. The product warnings, in accordance with the standards state that “a child should never be unattended when in the chair “and “should always remain in view”. These warnings appear on the product and in the User Guide and Assembly Instructions as required by the standard.

For our part, we did our best to serve the customer’s needs. The customer was offered updated parts for her Svan High Chair at no charge even though her chair was well-outside of the two year product warranty period. The customer advised our Customer Service staff that she continues to use the product even after the accident involving her 3 year old son, for her second child, an 8 month old girl. She requested and received additional advice on how to adjust and use the chair for her younger child from our staff. Despite the support provided by our Customer Service staff, the customer was unsatisfied with the resolution and wanted her money back for the product purchased from a juvenile retailer in 2007, after nearly four years of use.

Again, we are very sympathetic to the child involved in this accident and were relieved to learn the child suffered no permanent damage as a result of the injury. Safety is very important to us, which is why all models of the Svan High Chair have been tested to the rigorous standards of the Standard Consumer Safety Specifications for High Chairs, including the voluntary safety testing program of the Juvenile Product Manufacturing Association. Svan strives to produce only the safest products for children; however nothing can substitute for adult supervision of any child using a juvenile product.

Scandinavian Child, Distributor for Svan AB

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