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Select Comfort Sleep Number Innovation Series Bed - King Size with Adjustable Foundation
Furniture, Furnishings & Decorations
Inflatable Furniture (4011)
Select Comfort Corporation    
Sleep Number
3/18/2010 - 88
3/18/2010 - 88 
Select Comfort Lake St. Louis Store
3/30/2010 This date is an estimate
While me, my wife and daughter where out-of-town the Air Pump on our Select Comfort Sleep Number Bed caught on fire by itself. Our neighbor was out in his garage and heard our smoke alarms going off and entered our house through our garage using our garage code to see why the smoke alarms where going off and he found the smoke was coming from under our bed in our master bedroom. Once he pulled our bed out from the wall a few feet he saw the Air Pump smoldering into our carpet which was burned completely through to the carpet pad. He immediate unplugged the electric cord and cut the air tubes from the pump and immersed the air pump in water in our bathroom sink to contain the fire inside the pump. Once I got home from being out-of-town I called the Fire Department to come over to file a report about the incident, which is available at our community fire district headquarters.
Incident, No Injury
My friend / Neighbor / Co-worker
I took the burned pump to the Lake St. Louis Select Comfort Store and talked to the Store Manager and he advised to call custome service
Comment from Select Comfort Corporation 12/30/2011
“The statement made by Mr. **** that "the Air Pump on our Select Comfort Sleep Number bed caught fire by itself" is misleading without the benefit of the appropriate investigation. Further, such a statement is sufficiently substantial and important enough to affect a reasonable consumer's decision making about the product. Select Comfort is in the process of a complete investigation and analysis to determine the source and cause of the fire and have retained the services of an independent forensic engineering firm to ascertain the source or origin of the fire reported by Mr. ****. Our preliminary internal analysis indicates that the combustion occurred on the outside of the external pump housing and did not originate with the components contained inside. We have seen past instances where external shorts caused by domestic animals or invasive pests have caused similar external sources of fire. However, the present investigation is not yet complete. For this reason, it is important that we allow the forensic engineers the opportunity to complete their investigation and render their own opinion regarding this origin and cause of the fire. While we can appreciate that Mr. **** believes that the fire originated with his Sleep Number pump, we feel it would be inappropriate, misleading and extremely prejudicial to make any definitive determination until such time as this investigation is complete.”
File NameDescription
IMG_0087.JPG Burned Carpet where the air pump was when burning
IMG_0088.JPG Deflated King Size bed as a result of the pump burning
IMG_0089.JPG Burned Carpet Closer View
IMG_0092.JPG Air Pump bottom view
IMG_0098.JPG Air Pump with Select Comfort Information Label
IMG_0099.JPG Top and Side view of Air pump

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