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Krups IL Primo Type 972/A Espresso Maker
Electric Coffee Makers or Teapots (217)
Groupe SEB USA    
Krups IL Primo
Type 972/A
Thrift Store
12/1/2008 This date is an estimate
While making Espresso, a loud whoosh was heard followed by a massive steam escape from the unit. No injuries.

Upon disassemble it was discovered the the four plastic (PBTP) mounting brackets that secure the boiler unit assembly to the appliance housing had cracked. The two halves of the boiler unit were separated by approximately 2mm.

The brackets are secured to the boiler assembly with the same screws that clamp the upper and lower halves of the boiler unit together. The brackets are approx 2mm thickness and over time deteriorated such that the bracket split and the material under the screw head broke away from the rest of the bracket on each of the four brackets. This resulted in the boiler unit not being secured to the chassis and being held in place by means not intended for that purpose. Once the material under the screw heads deteriorated further and fell away, there became a 2mm gap between the housing and screw head. Eventually the steam pressure inside the chamber during the boiling process caused the 2 halves of the boiler unit to separate by approx 2mm resulting in a massive steam escape and rendering the unit inoperable.

The method of mounting the boiler unit to the chassis with a plastic bracket is not safe and should be designed with metal brackets.
Incident, No Injury
Comment from Groupe SEB USA 12/16/2011
Groupe SEB USA, as the parent company of the Krups brand, has received this notification. We value your feedback and will give priority to investigating your concerns. If you have not contacted us already, please call 800-526-5377 or contact us through our website Please reference your CPSC report number so you are directed to the right representative.
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