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gas Jenn-Air cooktop
Gas Ranges or Ovens (279)
The Home Depot
consumer sent 3 letter to manufacturer about gas Jenn-Air cooktop.
December 13,2009
Jenn-Air Brand
Home Appliances
553 Benson Road
Benton Harbor, MI 49022-2692
Dear Jenn-Air,
Last year we finished a major refurbishing of our home here in Helena, Montana. As part of the updating, my wife decided to covert from an electric Jenn-Air to a gas unit, which all of her friends said was more cook friendly. The new gas Genn-Air looks nice, and works fine, but I do think you have a major and serious safety design flaw in the unit. In my opinion, the igniters should start operating as soon as the control knob is turned, as opposed to having to go a full counter clockwise
turn to get to the "ignite" position. We have had a few circumstances where the knob was turned on, but not turned enough to the ignite position (fast enough) to avoid some very burnt eyelashes. I do sincerely consider this a serious design safety flaw, which can be very easily taken care of by having ignitors come on prior to gas being released. Is there a kit available to
make such a change?

October 25, 2010
Jenn-Air Customer Service
553 Benson Road
Benton Harbor, MI 49022-2692
Dear Jenn Air,
Several months ago I wrote you (copy attached) about a serious safety issue with our new gas Jenn Air unit. In short, the issue is a serious safety design flaw, whereas the gas igniters do not turn on until a gas knob is turned totally around, counter clockwise (all the while, gas is being released during the entire time. ) Your service people would not admit
a design error, and had no better advice for me over the phone than for me to read the Operators manual. I said I would have a problem making all guest stove users read the manual before they turned the unit on, and that this/their solution was not acceptable. The situation continues to deteriorate, and we have had additional serious eyebrow singeing flash incidents that have brought me to this point. Just a heads up, that if this unit is not replaced or repaired (modified) to our satisfaction before the end of the year, one of my New Years resolutions will be to take you to small claims court for a
resolution. I tried earlier to be reasonable with you folks. Hopefully this potential suit will result in some corrective safety actions on your part - I have always been a Jenn Air fan and expected better from such a quality manufacturer.
November 1, 2011
Jenn-Air Customer Service
533 Benson Road
Benton Harbor, MI 49022-2692
Dear Jenn-Air:
Further to my letters of Dec. 13,2009 and October 25,2010, copies of both attached. We had yet another serious near miss facial bum incident by a recent house guest not familiar with your gas cook top. This letter is in accordance with the Montana Small Claims Court Checklist which directs me to "send a letter to the defendant demanding payment by a specific time. A certified letter is recommended. When you file the claim and go to trial, bring the proof of mailing the letter"
Before stating a payment amount, and date, please be aware that:
A. I have canvassed all gas cook top units for sale in the city of Helena, Montana, and ALL of them, every make and model, have the igniters come on before gas is released. This includes your Jenn-Air units at the Vann's Appliances store.
B. I also noted with interest that on page 4 (copy attached) of your own User guide for the JGD8130 and JGD8345 models, you issue a bold caution to users during a power failure "to strike the match first and hold it in position before turning the
knob to Lite - doesn't this confirm/support my contention that your design is incorrect from a safety perspective for the unit we purchased.
Payment demand:
I would be satisfied with an equivalent replacement unit which has the igniters coming on first, plus actual expenses to remove the old unit and install the new one.
$1750.00, which I believe would cover the first option (purchase price was $1,034)
If no positive response is received by November 22,2011, I will proceed to filing a small claims court action, and also make appropriate state and federal public safety associations aware of my concerns.
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