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WBM 8-Inch Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Lamp with Bulb and Cord
Furniture, Furnishings & Decorations
Indoor Lighting
Floor Lamps or Table Lamps, Electric (Excl Halogen) (4071)
8-Inch Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Lamp with Bulb and Cor

I purchased two salt lamps from and have found them to be very dangerous
because of a defective design. These lamps are also sold by many other resellers in many
different sizes. This is the link I bought this lamps from, Amazon also sells differents
sizes of these lamps at different links.


The issue with these Salt Lamps is they collect moisture from the air. I soon found the inside of the
lamp where the bulb sits in the electric holder was covered in wet salt and was no longer
functioning. I also found water collects all over the furniture the lamp is placed on. I believe the
instructions said if this happens to place a plate under the lamp. I did this, now the water collects
on the plate, the electric cord comes out of the lamp at the bottom and sits directly in the water,
this is extremely dangerous.

Even leaving the lamp off, water is still collecting on the plate while the cord is plugged into the
wall receptacle. Very dangerous and this could/will electrocute someone.

Below is communication I sent to and below it is my written review about the product
so others will be able to read it. I did receive an email back from Amazon today thanking me and
saying they were going to initiate their own investigation and these lamps would be unavailable
for purchase from Amazon while they investigate. I just checked the above link they still appear
to be for sale. 12/22/2011 7:32EST

I consider these lamps to be very dangerous and should not be sold to any consumer until there is
a better design...


Communication to December 21, 2011
A few months back I purchased two 8" Salt Lamps and soon found these lamps are dangerous.

Please read the two reviews I wrote below... The danger is for electrocution because these lamps
collect a lot of moisture from the air. I believe the instructions said if water is found on the furniture,
place a plate/saucer under the lamp. Doing this means now the water collects in the plate, the
electric wire from the lamp comes out of the bottom of the lamp is sitting directly in the water!!!!
The cord is soaked in water and this is very dangerous!! I've had one electric portion of one of my
lamps stop working as it was covered in wet salt, the other lamp I refuse to ever use again... You
should really stop selling these dangerous lamps, electricity and water do not mix..

You sell several different kinds of salt lamps, I don't know if the cords also come out of the bottom
of the lamps, if they do, then these also could cause electrocution.

I am also reporting this to the Consumer Product Safety Commission as these lamps are sold by
many different resellers..

I would return these, but getting only 50% refund would eat up the cost of shipping them back to


These are two reviews I did in the review section of the above link so other would be buyers
of these lamps would be warned of the dangers I see.


1.0 out of 5 stars Two defective lamps so far!, December 10, 2011
By [REDACTED] - See all my reviews
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)

This review is from: WBM 8-Inch Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Lamp with Bulb and Cord (Tools
& Home Improvement)

I bought two of these Salt Lamps.... Within days the electric went on one of them. Amazon
replaced it.. Now 2 1/2 months later, another lamps electric is defective. The first one I believe was
just a faulty electric on/off (rotation) switch.
But this one now appears to be a faulty design with these lamps.

I took this apart and the electric bulb holder was loaded with salt that apparently had loosened up
from the lamp because of the heat and moisture. I cleaned it and replaced the bulb from my other
lamp, but it will not work. There should be something covering the bulb and bulb holder to prevent
the salt from getting all over it..

Also good to know, both of my lamps drip a lot of water on to the furniture they are on.. I've placed
a dish under both of them, but the danger is the cord ends up sitting in the water as the water now
collects in the dish! Not a good idea me thinks!

These lamps are a good idea. they give out a nice light, but the electric portion of this lamp is
destined to fail as the salt falls down on the bulb and holder and the cord sitting in the water.. And
it is dangerous that the lamp cord ends up sitting in water that collects in the dish placed under the
I would strongly suggest to anyone using these lamps to place a dish under the lamp and empty it
daily. I would also suggest you take the bottom of the unit (electric) off the lamp weekly and clean
out any salt near the bulb..

December 21, 2011
I now have more info and concerns about these lamps... As I explained in my initial review, these
lamps gather moisture from the air and will make your furniture wet, very wet. Placing a saucer
under the lamp is supposed to protect your furniture, the only problem is the water gathers in the
saucer and the lamp cord is sitting in the water, THIS IS SO DANGEROUS!

Well now I have found with the lamp plugged in, but the light not turned on, this salt lamp still
collects a lot of water in the saucer, thus allowing the plugged in cord again to be sitting in water!! I
can not express how DANGEROUS this is!

I have removed the electrical part of the Lamp, placed the Salt part on my kitchen counters and
again, water is all over the counters... This time the electric was not plugged in, but I am amazed
how much moisture these salt lamps collect from the air! Certainly most people buy these lamps to
use the light, doing so puts every user in danger. The cord comes out of the lamp on the bottom,
and this is where the water gathers in the saucer... Any lamp plugged in while the cord is sitting in
water is HIGHLY DANGEROUS for electrocuting someone!

Incident, No Injury

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