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Black, half-circle, eight outlet surge protector, two ports for phone line. Two of the eight outlets are labeled "Always on." Near where the cord comes in there is a light labeled Building Wiring Fault. Towards the front of the unit is a label near a light "Protection Working." The unit is about six inches in diameter, cord is about six to seven feet long.
Cables, Surge & Power Protection
Surge Suppressors or Power Strips (4083)
Schneider Electric USA Inc    
SurgeArrest Professional
04/01 on UL Sticker 
Dell (with computers)
4/1/2002 This date is an estimate
December 24th 2011, while getting ready for a Christmas Eve party I was in my bathroom downstairs while my girlfriend was upstairs finishing getting ready in my room. The multi-outlet surge protector was plugged into an outlet in my bedroom upstairs. The wall outlet (top) had a controller (remote on/off switch) receiver plugged in with two Christmas lights in series. While the bottom outlet had the surge protector plugged in with three items plugged in at the time; a plasma TV, the cable box, and my girlfriend’s hair straightener. Typically only the TV and cable box are plugged into the surge protector, the top outlet usually will have one light plugged into the controller receiver. While I was downstairs getting ready I heard my girlfriend call my name, I started heading up the stairs when I heard her call my name again except with more urgency so I ran. By the time I reached the top of the stairs smoke was filling the room and I saw my girlfriend standing over the surge protector while it was on fire. Fire was coming from the open outlets and had actually melted through the bottom. I picked the item up, shaking it and blowing it out, then unplugged the item from the wall. There was still power in the room, the circuit was not broken. My girlfriend said she had the hair straightener plugged in with no issues, when she turned it on the surge protector started crackling and making buzzing sounds as well as sparks being seen inside the unit, spurring her first cry for help. After she tried to unplug the hair straightener the unit caught fire causing her to scream for my help, I then ran up the stairs and put the fire out. The room was filled with black smoke and burn marks were on the wood floor. The surge protector appears fine on top but actually has a hole melted through the bottom. Once I cleaned up the black marks on the floor all that was left were two dime size burn holes in the wooden floor. The hair straightener appears to work although the plug was a little blackened by the fire. The tv and cable box seem to work fine, after I replaced the outlet in the wall and hooked up a new surge protector I plugged both back in and they turned on without issue. The only major damage was the burn marks in the floor, no injuries happened in the incident.
Incident, No Injury
No Relationship
23 years

Incident, No Injury
26 years
Still have the product in a box and will keep until I hear from the manufacturer or this website. I will contact the company after I submit this report.
Comment from Schneider Electric USA Inc 1/20/2012
Thank you for your report dated 12/27/2012, 2011, received on 1/4/2012, regarding the above referenced incident identifying an American Power Conversion Corporation (APC) surge suppressor (CPSC Report ID # 201112273AE95-2147472014).

We have reviewed the report in detail and we appreciate that you have submitted this report and that the Consumer Products Safety Commission sent a notification regarding this matter.

We have just recently received the subject unit for evaluation. Our analysis continues regarding potential root cause and corrective action (if any) need be taken.

Please contact us immediately if there is any further information that was not provided in the previous report. If there is anything else we can do, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at 1-800-555-2725.
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