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A high powered LED lamp with a heavy duty clamp. See the following for additional information:

This product is also sold by Walmart and others.
Furniture, Furnishings & Decorations
Indoor Lighting
Floor Lamps or Table Lamps, Electric (Excl Halogen) (4071)
Made in China by a Canadian company.
{From my Amazon review of the product}
"I was using this light for a week when it caught on fire. At first, it flickered. Then, there was smoke. I unplugged it and unscrewed the cap to find that the circuit board between the input power connector and the two resistors on the left of the board was burnt.

Thank God it was not turned on overnight or the whole building could have gone up.

If this review was helpful, please let me know. My high ratings assure that my reviews are read and I am methodical in reviewing books and products.

I plan to pass this along to Amazon as a potential safety recall. "

Amazon has failed to act on this review and the information I sent to their customer service on November 24, 2011. In fact, they continue to sell the Uberlight LED task light with clamp.

Incident, No Injury

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