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General Electric Clothes dryer model DBLR333EEWW
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Sometime after 10pm on 23November 2009, a fire started in my home at [REDACTED]. According to the Gladwin County and Billings Township Fire Incidence Report, the cause and origin of the fire was my electric clothes dryer.
My insurance carrier, American Automobile Association/Auto Club or AAA placed the General Electric Company on notice on 28December2009, 34 days after my fire. The AAA adjustor who emailed it to me “left” AAA shortly after wards. The “physical” investigation and determination of the wiring in my individual dryer did not occur until June 21, 2010. Based on actions and retained documents, it's clear that General Electric and AAA knew my model GE dryer caused house fires before my dryer was ever evaluated, and before my fire occurred. General Electric and AAA and their contractors had then, and have now full knowledge this dryer is faulty and refuse to report this information to the proper authorities. General Electric and AAA are intentionally endangering the lives of countless families for corporate profit and gain.
After AAA contractor, Fire and Failure Forensics, LLC of Traverse City Michigan determined my General Electric Model DBLR333EEWW was in fact the direct cause and origin of my house fire, AAA filed a subrogation lawsuit to recover their claim money from General Electric in December 2010. The orignal lawsuit was filed in Gladwin County, Michigan and transferred to Federal District Court. The Federal Case Number is: [REDACTED].
According to Federal court documents, and statement made to me, “on the record” by [REDACTED], AAA's attorney, my recently purchased and professionally installed General Electric dryer, model DBLR333EEWW contained an insufficient guage-thickness of wire used to power the dryer during normal use. This overheated wire catches the dryer console on fire, melting out the large plastic knobs. (see photograph). The back of the dryer melts out. (see attached photographs). This “blow-torch dryer” then ignites it's surroundings, in my case, the paneling in my home. The fire traveled up the wall and into the attic igniting 12 inches of cellulose insulation there. The insulation is “fire resistant”, but once ignited (and air fed by the roof vents) above 400 degrees, the dry, borate treated paper generates excessive amounts of carbon monoxide through-out the house. I lay asleep and unknowing while the fire burned in the attic, above my head. The house filled with dense white smoke. Most of my pet cats died where they slept with me on the bed. I'm alive today only because one cat was determined to waken me. A faint west wind from a partially open window above my head enabled this cat's half dozen determined efforts to rouse me. I wakened and passed out again several times. Each time this heroic cat yowled, stomped and scratched me back to awareness. I finally saw white smoke, heard roaring above my head and saw flames. I ran under and past flames to get outside, only narrowly escaping death.
The fire caused by my two year old GE Dryer Model DBLR333EEWW has impoverished me. It destroyed my home, health and killed my only family, my pet cats.
The cat that saved my life did not survive the fire. He became trapped, and yowled frantically until the ceiling fell in, killing him. This experience haunts my life.
I do not sleep and can't work, my resources are exhausted by medical bills and uninsured fire losses. GE is demanding more depositions, than the “45minutes” that GE and AAA estimated. I was deposed for four hours last fall. The second deposition is scheduled for16Jan2012 and I've been told there can be more sessions after this. I have been subpoenaed and still cannot secure counsel.
AAA threatens to void my claim, for “my lack of cooperation”, yet AAA refuses to answer my emails with questions about their subpoena.
AAA has delayed paying half my fire claim for over a year and did not pay my full content loss of $104,000.00. They paid about half that. The payment came so late, I had only a two days to repurchase my contents and recover my hold-back. For the last two years, my homeowner's policy premium has cost me an extra $500 per year since the fire. AAA determines me a “fire risk”. (while litigating against GE for fire damages).
GE has never responded to my complaint letters about their faulty dryer. As a "whistle-blower" I request protection from further retaliation from General Electric and Auto Club, (AAA) insurance.
Injury→Injury, No First Aid or Medical Attention Received
54 years
No response to my complaint that I mailed and faxed to General Electric
File NameDescription
1stNoticeGE28Dec09_redact.jpg AAA's first contact with GE
Court_Pg11_of_20_redact.jpg Federal Court record of dryer's faulty wiring
Fail_to_warn_redact.jpg General Electric accused of failure to warn
GladwinFD_pg4_redact.jpg Page four of county fire report showing dryer as cause
LowesDryer_onlyRecpt_redact.jpg Sales reciept for the dryer from Lowes

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