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Delta Crib
Style #: 6023, Color #: 607, PO #: 254027, Lot #: QW11297, SKN #: 624061, MFG Date: Sep 2011
Nursery Equipment & Supplies
Nonportable Cribs (1543)
Delta Enterprise Corp    
Sep 2011 
Toys R Us
I purchased a Delta crib from Toys r us and received it the beginning of this month, January 2012. While I was putting the crib together, I got to where you attach the mattress support part to the leg of the crib, I wasn't able to because there were no rivets in the leg to screw in the screws. I right away called Delta and the girl that answered the phone didn't even let me fully explain the problem...she said it was a common problem and they would send out the part right away. I was very concerned by this and asked to speak to a supervisor. I was put on the line w/[REDACTED], a supervisor there at Delta. He told me Oh well it happens and that he would send the leg out right away and that it was nothing to be concerned with.
Well this morning, January 18, 2012, I went to get my grandson from his crib and found that he had pulled off several pieces of the veneer that goes over the wood on the leg of the crib. He had pieces of all sizes, mostly in the crib and some of it in his mouth. There were pieces that were small enough that he could have chocked on them. Right away I called Delta and again got on the phone w/[REDACTED], the supervisor at Delta. He said to me that my grandson could only have bit of parts from the top of the crib and he must be teething. I said No, that it was from the side leg and he couldn't possible fit his head between the bars to be able to bite on the leg. He asked that I send him pictures and told me he would forward them on to be investigated. I have sent the pictures he requested and will wait for Delta to reply. But in the mean time, Once again I have a crib that I Can Not put my grand son into, and will have to put him in his pack and play, where I know he will be safe because he is Not safe in the Delta crib. Please before a baby does choke to death on a piece of veneer from the crib, please do something to stop Delta from continuing to mass produce Unsafe cribs. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

Information regarding the crib:
Style No: 6023
Color: 607
SKN: 624 061
Lot #: QW11297
PO #: 254027
MFG Date: Sep 2011

If you need any further information please email me at [REDACTED]
Incident, No Injury
Other Relative
1 years 7 months
First the product did not have the rivets in the leg to attacth the mattress support to, they sent a new leg and now my grand son has pulled off the veneer from the leg of the crib. some of the pieces were a chocking hazard.

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