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Babi Italia Pinehurst Crib (fixed sided)
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The consumer stated that her 14 month old child consistently gets themselves caught in the slats of their full sized stationery convertible crib. Usually when the child leg gets the stuck the consumer will hear the child cry and remove the child's leg from the slat. The consumer stated that as of two weeks this began happening with regularity.

Two days ago her son had the worst experience he has had with the crib. She heard her child crying and came into his room to find that his caught past his right leg past his knees to the inner thigh The consumer spent 5 minutes just trying to maneuver his leg out of the crib. The consumer has placed bumpers in this crib and has recently removed them. The consumer did not call the fire department to get him out of the crib.

Her child sustained bruises to his right leg. The consumer has yet to schedule a doctor visit. This consumer stated that this has happened at least 6 times in the last 14 days occasion, each time the consumer has to somehow maneuver his leg out of the crib slats. The consumer estimates that the slats are 2.5-3 inches apart from each other. The consumer has not called a doctor or a physician on any instance. The consumer called the firm today and was told that she should call the CPSC and there was nothing they could do for her.

The consumer has yet to call the retailer to make them aware of the entrapment hazard. The consumer's child weighs 22.5 pounds roughly. The child does not have any scratches. The crib has signs of structural damage from her son’s teething.

The crib has not damaged the consumer's home. The crib has a coil mattress that the consumer has replaced. The consumer has not seen any recalls or reports on this matter for similar cribsOrdinarily, when the child gets his leg caught, the consumer is in the room with the child.

UPDATE: After consumer made this report, both of her son's legs got pinned in the slats at the same time. She and her husband had to help him get out together and sh eis at the point of letting him sleep with them until they are able to get another crib. She feels it's possible for a baby's leg to get broken in this crib.
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