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Blue Cloth Recliner
Furniture, Furnishings & Decorations
Recliner Chair (670)
Furniture Brands International, Inc.    
Boger City Furniture
Around 01/03/2012 our Lane Recliner Broke while my Spouse was letting the leg rest down her leg got pinched between the leg rest and recliner, My son was laying in the floor with his leg barely under the Recliner lucky he jerked his leg away before the Recliner dropped down toward the floor.

I purchased this Recliner in 2010 I called Furniture Brand Inc and spoke to [REDACTED] Customer Service Agent and gave her the Style number and serial number of the Recliner and she said it was recalled in 2009 she could not explain why this Recliner was not replaced during that recall.
[REDACTED] said the recall was due to defect in the wood and workmanship of the frame.
She said something about sending someone out to try and replace the piece of wood I told her since it is defective wood and workmanship of the frame I wanted it replaced with a new recliner or refund of my $635.17 cost.
[REDACTED] said she could not find a tech in the area to send out.

I contacted [REDACTED] Para Legal for Furniture Brands who said she would check on the problem afterwards she contacted me and said yes they need to send someone out to replace the one piece of wood instead of the whole frame of the recalled recliner. After I emailed her back and told her it was illegal to sell a recalled recliner that was recalled in 2009 and sold in 2010 it did not take long before she emailed me back and said I don't know why one of our employee's told you this recliner was recalled because it was not. So who do I believe ?

I have an email from [REDACTED] which she told me in the email it was recalled .
After I gave her the style and serial number.


Injury→Injury, No First Aid or Medical Attention Received
My Spouse
51 years

Incident, No Injury
My Child
I contacted Furniture Brands On 01/16/2012
Comment from Furniture Brands International, Inc. 2/23/2012
Lane Furniture Industries, Inc. ("Lane") has responded to [REDACTED] in writing several times since his initial complaint. At no time in the multiple communications with [REDACTED], has [REDACTED] mentioned to Lane that there was a possible injury due to the broken recliner as reported in his claim. Lane has informed [REDACTED] in writing that his recliner has not been recalled and that Lane's customer service agent misspoke when he first called. In addition, Lane has informed [REDACTED] in writing several times that Lane is willing to repair/replace the recliner or refund him his full purchase price if the problem with the recliner is a defect in the product covered by Lane's warranty. In order to verify if the problem is covered by Lane's warranty, Lane has asked [REDACTED] several times to schedule a time for a certified technician to inspect the chair, but [REDACTED] has not scheduled this inspection. As a result, Lane is unable to offer [REDACTED] a remedy at this time. We at Lane look forward to having the opportunity to inspect [REDACTED] recliner at a convenient time for [REDACTED] and of reaching a final resolution on this matter.

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