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Sorelle Gia Crib
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Sorelle Gia crib
The Sorelle Gia crib is unsafe. Since my son can now stand he has gotten his arm entrapped in the side rails. At the front and the back of each side, the space comes to a V. When babies stand up and then either fall down or sit down, their arms will become entrapped. This has happened to my son and caused bruising on his upper arm. I contacted Sorelle by email and they said that the GIA crib meets all safety standards and asked that I send photos of the sides. I sent photos and it has been over two weeks since I have heard back. I sent a follow-up email after two weeks and still haven't heard anything. This crib needs to be recalled right away!!

These are the email addresses from my correspondence with them asking for a solution to this major issue:
I was hoping they would send me a replacement crib but they have been unresponsive. In the meantime, I placed a breathable bumper guard in my son's crib to help prevent entrapment.

Thank you for looking into this.
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