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Candle Warmers Etc. Wax warmer. Black Illumination Fragrance Warmer

The model/serial # is SWBL
Illumination Warmer. The attached cord is LINHUA SPT-2 18AWG 6A/120 VAC
UL listed E231375
Furniture, Furnishings & Decorations
Candles, Candlesticks and Other Candle Holders (463)
Candle Warmers Etc
12/10 ? 
12/13/2010 This date is an estimate
Saw smoke coming from my candle warmer. After turning it off and removing wax holder, it smells like melted.burnt plastic. Inside where the electric cord attaches to the halogen lamp unit, it has a black burnt area. I contacted candle warmers Etc. company and I was told there is no chance of a fire from a candle warmer. I was then told to pick out a new product and return this one to be inspected. I chose one but was told it cost more ($3.00) so I chose another. After hanging up the phone that evening I thought it over more and it angered me first that I was told there was no chance of a fire and secondly, they were more concerned the new product I chose cost $3.00 more.
I emailed the company over the weekend and told them how I felt and that the halogen lamps are not safe as they get too hot. I received a call today from the customer service manager [REDACTED] or [REDACTED] (?) and she also said theres no chance of fire. At this point I'm irate and told her anything electrical can catch fire. After arguing with her and telling her I really dont want their product, I told her I was contacting CPSC regarding this. We hung up and I called a fire marshall and he checked it and also said anything electrical can catch fire. He agreed it was too hot and the fire could spread up the cord. Please check into this further. Had I been in the shower or fell asleep, I may not have been here to alert you to this matter.
Incident, No Injury
Contacted Candle Warmers Etc.
Comment from CANDLE WARMERS, ETC 3/6/2012
Candle Warmers, Etc. regrets that a customer experienced a problem with one of our products. We strive to make all our products as safe as possible. We have never received a complaint of fire, property damage or personal injury related to this product. The product is made entirely of non-flammable materials (ceramic, glass, metal and a non-flammable sleeve protecting a non-flammable electric cord). The product is heated with a 25 watt halogen bulb. Replacing the bulb with a larger wattage bulb could cause overheating and we caution our customers against this. Oils used in the manufacturing process and trace amounts of ceramic dust may produce a limited amount of smoke during a short break-in period. The non-flammable sleeve protecting the cord can sometimes discolor, but this is normal. The product is UL approved. Because of her familiarity with the product, our customer service representative did not treat the customer’s complaint as a safety issue. We remain interested, however, in exchanging the product with our customer so we can more thoroughly investigate the complaint.
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