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KidCo PeaPod Plus Portable Children's Travel Bed Model #P201 (Red)
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KidCo PeaPod Plus Portable Children's Travel Bed Model #P201
On Dec. 23, 2011 we found our five-month-old son dead in his PeaPod Plus Portable Children's Travel Bed (Model P201). He was rolled three-quarters of the way onto his belly, face down and with his weight pressing him into in the non-breathable plastic sidingof the travel crib. As per manufacturer's instructions, we had not zippered the travel bed shut, so his legs were hanging out of the "door" of the travel bed. He may have suffocated, or he may have rolled there after/as he died from SIDS, or another cause. Regardless, though, I do not believe that this tent should be marketed as safe for infants. It is advertised as breathable, yet the area where a baby would put his face is wind-resistant and fire-resistant (according to a company spokesman who spoke with one of our friends after the incident), and is not breathable. In addition, the tent is malleable, and a baby can roll into the siding, molding his face and body into the non-breathable areas in a way that would not be possible in the more rigid siding of a [playpen].
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I have kept the PeaPod Travel Crib at my parents' house in case investigators need to see it.
Comment from KidCo, Inc 3/13/2012
KidCo is deeply saddened to learn of this infant fatality through the site. At KidCo, our top priorities are the safety of our products. Our company is fully cooperating with the CPSC to determine if SIDS or some other cause may be involved since so little information has been provided. Tens of thousands of the P201 KidCo Pea Pod have been sold and no injuries have been reported. For more information, consumers can contact KidCo at 1-800-553-5529

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