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Delta luv crib with drop side rail
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Delta Enterprise Corp    
delta luv crib
My daughter was hurt using a delta luv crib duchess. It has dropnside rails. Her leg got caught in the drop side rail and she sustained a spiral fracture to her leg above the knee. She was only a year and one month old. Now the state says I was neglectful and hasbtaken all three of my kids away from me. Theyve had them for seven months now. I go to court march 09,2012 to fightbto get them back. Her bed was a delta luv crib duchess. Model no 4925-2 I found out after my kids were taken that this bed had been recalled. And that another child nearly 30days befor this haooebed to my baby died cause the side railnon his came apart just like [REDACTED]. Olease help me end this they have banned the cribs now but what hapoens to my family? I have set up a facebook about this pkease ifnthis has happen to you pkease email me your story it just might help get my family back. The facebook accounts under [REDACTED].
Injury→Injury, Emergency Department Treatment Received
My Child
1 years 1 months
I called delta and all they did was offer me a kit to make the rail stop moving. I told them it wasnt needed I burned the crib. they need to do more I lost my kids cause of this.

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