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Fisher Price Newborn Rock'n Play Sleeper
model # V9102 V9196 V9197
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Fisher Price
Fisher Price Rock'n Play Sleeper V9102 V9196 V9197
My son, [REDACTED] head was damaged from the Fisher Price Newborn Rock'n Play Sleeper. I bought this product from Target when I pregnant rather than getting a bassinet. [REDACTED] slept in this sleeper every night starting the day I brought him home from the hospital on August 10, 2011 until he was diagnosed with Occipital Plagiocephaly on January 10th 2012. The plastic surgeon prescribed my baby a $3,000 Orthotics helmet to reshape his head. He has to wear the helmet for 23 hours per day for 4-6 months. When I returned home from the doctor appointment on Jan. 10th I inspected the Fisher Price Sleeper more closely. I discovered it had a hard shell as well as no room for head movement to avoid flat spots. I was greatly saddened that I had not realized this earlier. I then became outraged when I started to search the internet to see if there were similar cases out there. I discovered multiple posts of babies with the same medical issues of Occipital Plagiocephaly as well as Torticollis from using the Fisher Price Newborn Rock'n Play Sleeper on the 1star reviews posted on I then brought the sleeper to [REDACTED] 6 month well baby check up for his doctors opinion. [REDACTED] pediatrician agreed the product was not safe. As well as being hard and no room for head movement the design/angle of the sleeper is a sling, adding extra pressure on the head due to the weight of the baby pushing down on the hard support area. I regret buying and ever putting my son in this sleeper.
Injury→Injury, Seen by Medical Professional
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