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small portable electric heater
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The consumer noticed a chemical odor after operating the heater for approximately 3 hours.

He then also noticed a few sparks coming from the control panel. The heater was operating on the low setting when the failure occurred.

The consumer powered it in the off position. He has not used the heater since the failure occurred.

On 3/13/2012 the firm was contacted and the consumer states that he was advised to mail the heater back into the firm. The consumer states that he declined in sending it back and knows what he needs to do to fix the failure.

No further information was provided.


Heater is approx. 8 3/4" high and molded feet (front to rear)
light weight
L.H. 2 3/4" long
RH 3 3/4" long
Easily tips over, on hard surface and worse on rug

I am considering adding a board under heater to reduce possibility of tipping over. There is more than enough room in heater base for some screws and still stay well away from internal parts and wiring.

The odor first noticed appears to have come from charring of heat-shrink tub insulation on the connector- no fire resulted.

Local retailer had obtained more of this heater and exchanged my heater (with bad connection). I also purchased an extra heater. These heaters are expensive and have a low setting of 600 watts, which will be useful in warming storage areas. The heater with the defect may have been a rare anomaly and was not a design defect but was an assembly error and I know what to watch for. If connector parts are misaligned when they are pushed together the spring tension is reduced and connection will heat up and deteroriate further.

The element wires (that produce the desired heat) do not get hot enough to show any visible light. Heater should last a long time. Some radiant type heaters' elements can burn out.

Use of the replacement heater shows no problem to date, but I will add a comment/suggestion.
Incident, No Injury

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