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Cuisinart Smart Stick Blender Turquoise color
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Smart Stick Blender
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I purchased a Cuisinart Smart Stick handheld blender (or immersion blender) from a reputable retailer.
Upon using the blender for the first time (when I say first time I mean this particular blender--I have used these before), I read the instructions first. I made a milkshake in the plastic cup provided. I then unplugged the blender and disassembled it as the instructions read. I brought the bottom part to the sink to clean it. I was using my left hand to remove some of the excess shake before rinsing and the blade snapped. I at first thought my thumb was caught between the blades but then looked in horror and saw the blade was imbedded in my thumb. I became hysterical as the blender was stuck to my finger. I called my boyfriend and he calmed me down and talked me through getting the blender blade out of my thumb (I used my right hand and cut my right index finger deeply while doing so). I was bleeding a lot, and wrapped both my thumb and index finger in a white towel. My boyfriend was an hour away so he called my sister who woke her 1-year-old and came to get me. She lives 15 minutes away. She brought me to the emergency room. This was approximately 8:15 pm. I was hysterical because I had no idea how bad my thumb was. They saw me right away at the hospital and said I would need stitches and everything else should be fine. I ended up with 8 stitches to my left thumb and my right index finger was cut deeply but able to be bandaged vs. stitched. I was sent home with care instructions which I have been following (redressing the wound daily, applying Bacitracyn). I was told the stitches can come out 10 days later (Tuesday April 10th). It is Tuesday April 10th today and I don't think they are ready to come out--but I will check with a doctor. I contacted Cuisinart on Monday April 2nd and they said their Claims Dept. would be in touch within a couple of days. It is now over a week later and I've heard NOTHING. I am really angry that their defective product injured me, resulting in a hospital bill, an upcoming doctor's bill to remove stitches and left me unable to work--I have a home-based skincare studio (go to [REDACTED] for confirmation of this) and had to turn away clients which has been incredibly upsetting.
Injury→Injury, Emergency Department Treatment Received
41 years
I contacted manufacturer--they have been negligent in responding. I still have the product.

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