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Tassimo Home Coffee Brewer
TAS2001UC/ Serial #C100230/ FD9004
Electric Coffee Makers or Teapots (217)
Tassimo Coffee Brewer TAS2001UC
C100230/ FD9004
JC Penney
New York
8/12/2011 This date is an estimate
In (approximately) August, 2011, I purchased a Tassimo Home Brewer. There was a recall due to the discs exploding in the machine. I received the new part in early March, 2012 and used it according to the directions provided.

The discs continue to explode. When this happens, HOT WATER and GRINDS SPEW from the machine. I have taken pictures on various occasions to document this dangerous condition.

On April 27, 2012, I sent an e-mail to Tassimo Customer Service with the photos and on April 28th, I received a response that someone will be in touch with me within 24 hours. Nobody contacted me so on May 3, 2012, I called Tassimo.

After speaking with [REDACTED] and providing her with the information regarding the machine (TAS2001UC/ Serial #C100230/ FD9004) I was put on hold and transferred to [REDACTED].

[REDACTED] explained that although Tassimo had sent out the retrofit t-disc holder, they recognize that there are still problems. He stated he will send us a newly retrofitted t-disc holder. Due to the number of discs that exploded, they will also be sending replacement coffee discs.

I explained to [REDACTED] that I am highly concerned about the safety of this machine - it is dangerous and that if Tassimo had already sent out retrofitted holders, why is it that they have created "newer" retrofitted holders? He said he understands my concern, but he can assure me that the new part will solve the problem.

I believe that due to the recall and CONTINUED issues, the CPSC needs to be aware of this continued problem with this product. Scalding water is a major safety issue and I do hope that the CPSC will continue to investigate these issues.
Incident, No Injury
54 years
I contacted the manufacturer via e-mail with the photos and did not receive a response. I contacted the manufacturer who stated that they have a second retrofit for the machine because they recognize that the initial retrofitted piece was not effective.

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