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5 burner gas grill. With infrared heating for rotissorie and side burner with infrared heating and panini press. Master Forge L3218
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Master Forge L3218
5/7/2011 This date is an estimate
I have a Master Forge L3218 gas grill. While grilling the grill started fire from the main gas line connected to the burner controls that leads back to the propane tank. Was fortunate to be able to shut off the gas to the tank and put out with fire extinguisher. Once the fire was extinguished, propane tank, removed, and the grill cooled down I was able to evaluate that extent of the damage. All the main gas lines were destroyed (even for the side burner), the light switch was melted on the inside and no longer works, and 3 of the control valves (1 rotesorie infrared control) as visible heat dame and will need to be replaced. There is one other gas connection under the grill between the3rd and 4th control valves that was melted off that I am not sure what it is for. So today is Memorial Day and I am stuck not being able to grill out and enjoy the holiday. I also now have to see if the grill and be repaired and the gas lines changed out to a commercial grade hose or piping or if I will have to purchase another grill. Up to this point I loved this grill, just very glad that no one was hurt other than pride.
Incident, No Injury
Waiting to contact manufacturer as it is a holioday weekend.

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