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6/1/2010 This date is an estimate
I found my 2 yr old son almost strangled today in his bed. He had a string from the mattress wrapped extremely tight around his neck, he couldn't move. He just screamed and cried. Luckily I came to get him right away, but the horrible thing is I don't always come get him right away hoping he will put himself back to sleep. He would have lost air and died and I would have thought it was just him going back to sleep.
Anyways, the top of the mattress is filled with pockets of string that can easily be accessed. It's an organic mattress so that was their idea for keeping airflow. They need to redo the product and made the pockets full of PIECES of string, not yards long of string. I have two mattresses (twins) that are less than two years old. The kids never have sharp objects in bed, it's merely just their hands taking this apart. The pockets are only covered with and fine layer of cheese cloth like material, very very thin!
Both beds are falling apart. When I reported this to the company today they told me they would send me a replacement cover. They are not considering the fact that this can happen to other babies!,! Sickening
This needs to be stopped ASAP! I can't believe tons of babies are exposed to this string and parents don't realize it's in their beds... Unsupervised!!
Injury→Injury, First Aid Received by Non-Medical Professional
My Child
2 years 6 months
They only want to send a replacement cover, not modify/ recall the product
Comment from Nook Sleep Systems, LLC 7/2/2012
We were quite concerned to hear of [REDACTED] report when she first brought it to our attention and were very happy to learn that her child was not injured and is safe. Nothing is more important to our company than the safety and health of our customers’ children.

Prior to the [REDACTED] complaint, Nook had received no safety complaints about its mattress products. Because we pride ourselves regarding the safety of our products, we retrieved the damaged mattress and inspected it carefully. The evidence belies [REDACTED] comments in just about every respect. It reveals that there was extensive neglect and abuse of the mattress and a failure to comply with the printed/published care instructions over a prolonged period of time prior to this apparent incident. The evidence also suggests it is extremely unlikely that [REDACTED] was using a covering fitted sheet as she said over the phone, and as she purchased from us, and as we have steadily recommended.

Contrary to [REDACTED] allegations, our inspection revealed that there was long-term, extreme abuse of the mattress; abuse of our published and printed product care and use instructions; abuse of the guidelines of the infant sleep guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics; and abuse of common sense. The evidence indicates that the family allowed pets to sleep/play directly on the mattress cover; we found dog and/or cat hair as well as claw-caused tearing all over the mattress covers. Someone or something apparently used a sharp implement to cut into the mattress cover, and wine and/or grape juice stains are widely visible. The obvious wear patterns clearly show extensive abuse for a long of time prior to the alleged incident, and it is not even possibly the case that there was ‘no prior damage’ as [REDACTED] wrote in her report. Instead it appears likely that the mattress was not used solely in a crib but elsewhere, including use by the baby’s twin sibling and the family pet(s). Based on our inspection, there is simply no way for the specific damage to the product to have occurred if a top sheet were used as we have steadily recommended and as purchased by [REDACTED]. Our products are designed for reasonable use by a single infant alone in a crib and not as apparently widely abused over time by the family and pets and our products are safe and durable when used and cared for as directed. [REDACTED] has a history of making product-performance allegations, evidently after her need for the products has been fulfilled.

In addition to examining the mattress, we have spoken with [REDACTED] on more than one occasion since the incident. Upon her initial call, we first offered to replace her mattress cover, and we have since refunded her entire purchase price of the product, even though her mattress cover was out of warranty.

Customers are reminded to periodically check mattresses for damage, including wear and tear that is common and expected in products used on a daily basis over the course of years. If damage is detected within the warranty period, customers are urged to contact Nook immediately to inquire about our warranty coverage policies. Customers are warned against using any mattress that shows signs of damage or which presents a risk of infant exposure to the filler material found inside the mattress.

Nook Sleep Systems, LLC is a company founded on principles that place the safety and health of its customer’s children above all else. Independently owned and operated out of California, Nook sources as many local and organic materials as possible to ensure that its customers’ children sleep in a healthy, breathable, 100% non-toxic environment. To ensure the safe use of its products, Nook provides detailed care instructions on the use of its products and regularly updates its website in keeping with industry standards, good sense and the company’s abiding interest in infant safety.

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